In order to spur Topshop's brand presence/awareness in the U.S., The dFm developed several promotional strategies including a billboard/wheatpasting campaign, a national summer event series, and store launches in Glendale and Atlanta.


Topshop is a UK based retailer with over 500 stores worldwide. We work with Topshop to continue to push their USA presence by creating engaging and playful experiences.

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In support of the High Summer campaign for Summer 2016, we took Topshop on a tri-part cross-country tour with pop-up moments in San Diego, Atlanta and Montauk.


This June/July, TOPSHOP brought High Summer as a refreshing ray of sunshine to Atlanta, San Diego and Montauk. We created a retail pop up that is tastefully and thoughtfully curated using yellow, maroon, green and exposed wood minimal/charming/chic elements. Guests were invited to shop exclusive summer selects, hula hoop, lounge, and play.


In order to bring the final touch to Topshop High Summer, we had local frozen treats, cold drinks and small bites for attendees to enjoy.