Nothing triggers memory quite like a song. Spotify's #THATSONGWHEN campaign took us a trip down memory lane via a series of nostalgic snapshots complemented by songs. The dFm supported this explorative campaign by engaging influencers with the question "what songs take you back to a special moment?" The result was a fruitful collection of thoughtful memories paired with the song that sparked it. 

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Influencer Engagement

The dFm tapped into their network of influencers and "cool kids" to recount memories tied in with music. What resulted were genuine diary-style entries, echoing true nostalgia and experience. Rather than forcing a "pay-for-post" partnership, our influencers were brought on based on relationships and sheer interest in the campaign.

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"When I think back about my times with music, it's never really the sad times/ I know this sounds cliche, but music has been the positive thing in my life, my first love. Music is something I gave everything up for, my mom says it 'ruined my life'." -Chippy Nonstop, DJ/Influencer


Social Media

Our influencers also engaged in social media, showcasing their "#thatsongwhen" memories on their various channels (particularly, Twitter - as this allowed for a more seamless link out to Spotify's overall digital campaign).