Global footwear manufacturer, Nike, teamed up with The dFm to grow awareness and excitement of the DTLA Kick’s Lounge’s upcoming store opening through the launch of the LunarCharge shoe. We handled the execution of the launch, ranging from creative development and experiential production to influencer engagement.

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We invited 18-24 year old cultural leaders for a night of art and music that highlights the Lunarcharge shoe. As invitees entered the lobby of a historic downtown Los Angeles building, they were ushered upstairs via a black lit elevator into a green glowing space. Los Angeles based artist, Aaron Kai, enriched the space with hand painted murals while an overlaid projection exhibited his painting process. The LunarCharge shoes were highlighted throughout the venue on bright green pedestals including a display of Aaron Kai's Los Angeles essentials.

Social Media

With 2 hours and a curated guestlist of diverse influencers, we were able to reach out to over 1.25 million people.