On International Women's Day, we curated a discussion panel featuring 5 lovely individuals identifying as Muslim Women. Our decision to zone in on this particular demographic was fueled by the insistence to use this platform for a group whose voice needs to be heard. In the midst of the ever-trending "feminism" movement capitalized by brands and influencers, it felt right to pass the mic to Muslim women, divulging their particular experience as females in today's America. What resulted was a thought-provoking, colorful conversation between 5 intelligent women with varying backgrounds, ethnicities, and experiences.





Blair Imani (Activist)
Eman Abbas (Photographer/ Traveler)
Ifrah Ahmed (Activist/ Blogger/ Law student)
Muna Mire (Writer, vice + more)
Hawa Arsala (Columnist for Rookie mag, participating + moderating)


Blair Imani


"The glimmer of hope that I hold onto now is that Trump's administration will unite marginalised people toward a common goal and force allies to realise that they must centre the voices and lived experiences of marginalised people. If all of us who comprise "the other" are given the space and liberty to enact the path toward our collective liberation, I believe it will come a lot sooner. For folks of privilege, this means having uncomfortable conversations at the dinner table, speaking up against hate, and taking steps to be a genuine ally."

Eman Abbas


"If you're free, free someone else. If you're in power, empower.  You'll never learn something new if you accept things for what they seem to be. Question everything, dig deeper than the surface and think deeper. Know yourself and listen to other people's views. Even if you don't agree, you'll be able to look at things from different perspectives and understand people (even yourself) better. Always keep an open mind and never let your ego or the fear of being wrong get in the way of learning."
Screen Shot 2016-09-19 at 12.31.42 PM.png

Ifrah Ahmed

Activist/ Blogger/ Law student

"Many innocent refugees fleeing violence have been hopefully waiting for the opportunity to restart their lives. Now they are being told they are not welcome in the U.S. The Somali refugees I work with have experienced some of the most heartbreaking violence imaginable." 

Muna Mire


"When we know each other's stories, it makes it easier to resist together."

Hawa Arsala

Creative Producer

"The most important thing we need to take away is distinguishing the difference between religious and cultural Islam."

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