In 2015, the dFm started working Ashleigh Parsons and chef Ari Taymor of Alma Restaurant. Since then, the dFm has forged a partnership for Alma at The Standard Hollywood, transforming a 3-month pop-up into a year-long residency. The dFm continues to support Alma through high profile events, press, and pop-ups.

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The dFm secured Alma a two-week residency at Cafe Henrie during New York Fashion Week. This lured influencers to the Lower East Side to visit the culinary (and highly instagrammable) destination.

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Girl power reigned over Alma at the Standard for the “Women of Cinefamily” closing dinner party. That Sunday night marked the end of the first ever four-day film festival hosted by Brie Larson and Jodi Wille. What better way to celebrate than with Alma’s bites and company like Chloe Sevigny and Kim Gordon?

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Press & Social Media

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