The dFm secured Alma a two-week residency at Cafe Henrie during New York Fashion Week. This lured influencers to the Lower East Side to visit the culinary (and highly instagrammable) destination.


In 2015, the dFm started working Ashleigh Parsons and chef Ari Taymor of Alma Restaurant. Since then, the dFm has forged a partnership for Alma at The Standard Hollywood, transforming a 3-month pop-up into a year-long residency. The dFm continues to support Alma through high profile events, press, and pop-ups.

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Girl power reigned over Alma at the Standard for the “Women of Cinefamily” closing dinner party. That Sunday night marked the end of the first ever four-day film festival hosted by Brie Larson and Jodi Wille. What better way to celebrate than with Alma’s bites and company like Chloe Sevigny and Kim Gordon?
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